Italian Studies Program

Italy is the country that produced Dante and Michelangelo, Machiavelli and Puccini, Fellini and Sofia Loren, Prada and Ferrari. Not only is knowledge of this realm essential for developing a comprehensive understanding of Western cultural evolution, but it is also important grounding for careers in design, politics, entertainment, religion and international business as well as a broad range of academic pursuits.

The College of Charleston offers one of the most comprehensive Italian programs in South Carolina. Part of the School of Languages, Cultures, and World Affairs, the Italian program satisfies the College’s language requirements and provides extensive opportunities for further learning. In addition to satisfying the two-year language requirement, it offers third and fourth year courses for students who wish to study the language further. The program features small class sizes, an outstanding faculty and studyabroad opportunities in Italy. The program offers a number of literature and cinema courses in English and Italian for those students interested in cultural immersion. Along with the language courses, literature courses are offered in English for students who do not speak Italian but are interested in Italian culture.

Mission Statement

The Italian Studies Program offers students and the community a broad range of courses, study abroad opportunities, and cultural events to achieve proficiency and cultural literacy in Italian. The program’s mission is to prepare students for success in a variety of professional and academic pursuits. Through the critical study of the Italian language and culture, students develop a comprehensive understanding of Western cultural evolution, ultimately shaping dynamic, productive citizens of a global society.

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