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Many students ask us about what helpful sites are out there for language studies. Below are a few links we recommend.


If you are not a CofC student but would like to find out information regarding French tutors in the local community, download the contact list.

All CofC students should contact Dr. Katherine Hargrave in the Tutoring Lab. Please send an email or call at 843.953.5635.


  • TV 5 French TV in the US
  • France-Link- a gateway to media in France (radio, TV, etc.)
  • Arte- culturally aware TV in France
  • France 2 - France's "channel 2" TV
  • France 3 - France's "channel 3" TV
  • France 5 - France's "channel 5" TV
  • Daily News on French TV
  • FACSEA- French American Cultural Services and Educational Aid, with video releases of French films and a French film grant program for universities in the U.S.
  • World Wide Radio - Clickable map navigating top hits on radio stations world world wide




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