Our faculty members teach the French and Italian languages in that context, preparing our students for a world where knowledge of these languages – along with a global perspective – can play a critical role in a variety of professions from teaching to law, business, economics and more. To learn more about each of the French, Francophone and Italian Studies language programs available, please click on the respective links below:

French - French is a major international language spoken by approximately 300 million people in 50 countries on five continents.  It is the official language of many well-known organizations, including the United Nations, UNESCO, NATO, the World Health Organization, the World Trade Organization, the International Red Cross, the International Olympic committee, and Amnesty International. French is also a useful and important language in the United States. After Spanish and Chinese, French is the 3rd most widely-spoken language and it is learned by over one million students.

Italian - Italian is spoken by 62 million people throughout the world. Italy has the 7th largest world economy and is a major political force in Europe. Italian language study is particularly valuable for students planning careers in art history, music, linguistics, education, international relations, and film studies. We offer one of the most comprehensive Italian programs in South Carolina. The Italian program’s elementary and intermediate course offerings satisfy the College’s language requirement.  In addition, through its third and fourth year courses, the program provides extensive opportunities for students who wish to further their study of the language. 


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