La Maison Française

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An on-campus living experience inspired by France and the French-speaking world!

Want to immerse yourself in the French language and Francophone culture without leaving Charleston? If so, la Maison Française is for you.

What is la Maison Française?  

La maison française is a residential living and learning community that hosts nine students each year in a charming, historic house on the College of Charleston campus. The house is ideally situated in the heart of the beautiful city of Charleston, just a short walk from many stores, restaurants, cafes, parks, and cultural sites. Additionally, the house is completely furnished with a kitchen, a washer and dryer, two full bathrooms and a front porch that is typical of the colonial architecture for which Charleston is so well known.

The primary purpose of la maison française is to provide students the space and resources to engage with the French language and Francophone culture on a daily basis at CofC. Students who live in the house are passionate about French and Francophone culture, language, food, traditions, intellectual life, daily life, art, music, you name it! Also, la maison française often serves as the center for French and Francophone cultural events on campus, with residents collaborating with the French Club. 

Who can live in la Maison Française?

  • CofC students who are French majors, double majors, or minors
  • CofC students who have completed French 102 or higher (or have a minimum proficiency or equivalent)
  • CofC students who have already studied abroad in France or a Francophone country
  • CofC students who are planning to study abroad in France or a Francophone country
  • International students from France or Francophone regions of the world
  • International students with an interest in the French-speaking world
  • CofC students that are heritage speakers of French
  • CofC students whose first language is French

The minimum requirement to live at la maison française is completion of French 102 (or proof of the equivalent), and it is a especially attractive living arrangement for students who are interested in majoring, double majoring, or minoring in French. La maison française is also ideal for students who have lived or studied abroad in a Francophone country or will plan to do so, as it will allow students to start their immersive experience before they leave and/or continue it when they get back. International students from France or Francophone regions of the world as well as international students with an interest in the French-speaking world are also strongly encouraged to apply.

By living at la maison française students benefit from the opportunity to incorporate their language skills into their academic, professional, and personal development on a daily basis, and with the casa hispana just next door, it’s a great place for multilingual and multicultural exchanges. Ultimately, it’s a space for learning, cross-cultural awareness and, above all, friendship.

How can I apply to live at La Maison Française?

Applications to live in la maison française are considered on a rolling basis, so you can apply as soon as you are interested!

To start the application process, CLICK HERE. Priority is given to students who complete this step by February 1st.

On or any time after February 1st, please also submit a regular housing application through the CofC Campus Housing Portal. If your application to live in la maison française is accepted, you will be notified, at which point you will be able to select a room in the house (preference is given on a first-come, first-serve basis).

Your application will only be confirmed once you have completed these steps and payed the $200 housing prepayment and the $50 housing application fee through MyHousing/Dining portal. (If you have concerns about making the $200 housing prepayment and are currently receiving financial aid, please contact Campus Housing directly as waivers are available.)

For more information, please contact:
Dr. Margaret Keneman
JC Long 411

House Location:
6 Bull Street
Charleston, SC 29401

La Maison Française ... an awesome place to live!

Managed by the Office of Residence Life and Housing, la maison française is a housing option available for women and men; regular fees for historic houses apply. For information on cost and amenities, see Campus Housing, Historic Houses.

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