Dr. Lisa Signori

Chair, Associate Professor of French; Affiliate Faculty, Women and Gender Studies Program

Address: JC Long 406
Phone: 843.953.0872
E-mail: signoril@cofc.edu

Dr. Lisa Signori is an Associate Professor of French who received her Ph.D. from the University of Missouri-Columbia in Romance Languages with a specialization in 20th-century French literature.

Since coming to the College of Charleston in 2007, she has taught a wide range of courses in French, including beginning and intermediate French language and culture, French Women Writers, as well as courses in French Literature from the 19th century to the present.

Her literary research focuses on narrative reflexivity in the work of Belgian author Amélie Nothomb, and she is at work on a book-length manuscript on Nothomb’s most recent works tentatively titled Mirrors in the Text: The Process of Writing and the Creation of Meaning in the Work of Amélie Nothomb.

Dr. Signori also has a keen interest in Pilgrimage Studies, with a focus on the Chemin de Saint-Jacques de Compostelle (the Way of St. James). This interest led her to co-write several articles and co-present several workshops on the value of the pilgrimage to Compostela as an overseas immersion program for students.

Dr. Signori continues to do research in the area of pilgrimage studies, and her most recent publication, the book chapter “All you Need is Faith: Sainte Foy, Furta Sacra, and Saint Mary Magdalene,” brings together the histories of two eminent saints and the cult of relics that fueled the flowering of pilgrimage (especially along the Chemin de Saint-Jacques) in medieval France.

Having walked numerous routes to Compostela herself, she has also led several groups of students on pilgrimage routes in Spain. In addition, she has taught courses in English focused on pilgrimage for the First Year Experience and the Honors College.

Dr. Signori has Native Fluency in French and is proficient in Conversational Spanish. 


University of Missouri-Columbia

Courses Taught

FRENCH 499 - Bachelor’s Essay

FRENCH 498 - Independent Study

FRENCH 496 - Directed Reading

FRENCH 495 - Capstone Seminar

FRENCH 482 - French Women Writers

FRENCH 437 - 20th Century French Literature

FRENCH 438 - 20th Century French Theater

FRENCH 435 - 19th Century French Literature

HONORS 381- The Art of the Pilgrimage: Cultural Heritage on the Way of St. James

HONORS 381- The Art of Pilgrimage: Transformative Travel on the Way of St. James

FRENCH 361 - Current Issues in French

FRENCH 360 - French Language Study Abroad

FRENCH 322 - Survey of French Literature

FRENCH 314 - French Conversation and Composition

LTFR 250 - French Literature in Translation

FRENCH 250 - Intensive Intermediate French

FRENCH 202 - Intermediate French II

FRENCH 201 - Intermediate French I

FIRST YEAR TRAVEL 129 - No (S)pain No Gain: Walking the Camino de Santiago

FIRST YEAR SEMINAR 116 - On The Road Again: Modern Journeys on Ancient Pathways

FRENCH 102 - Elementary French II

FRENCH 101 - Elementary French I



Recent Publications

All you Need is Faith: Sainte Foy, Furta Sacra, and Saint Mary Magdalene.” Women and Pilgrimage, edited by E. Moore Quinn (College of Charleston) and Alison T. Smith (The Citadel). CABI. Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage Series. Wallingford, UK. March, 2022. [9738 words]

 “Whose Camino Is It? (Re)defining Europe on the Camino de Santiago.” Co-author with Steven Gardner and Carl Mentley. The Camino de Santiago in the 21st Century: Interdisciplinary Perspectives and Global Views, edited by Annie Hesp (Virginia Tech) and Samuel Sanchez (Davidson College). Routledge: 2016. pp. 57-77.

“The (W)hole in the Text. A Hermeneutic reading of Marguerite Duras’s La Pluie d’été.” M. Rector (Ed.). Romance Notes, 53.1 pp. 3-10. Chapel Hill, NC: U of NC P, 2013.

“Social Commentary in Coline Serreau’s Saint-Jacques...La Mecque.” Mosaic: A Journal for the Interdisciplinary Study of Literature, 46.4 (2013): 21-36.

“Mirrors in the Text: Amélie Nothomb’s Mercure.” S. Sauter (Ed.). Studies in 20th& 21st Century Literature, 37.1 pp. 75-91. Manhattan, KS: Kansas State, 2013.