Dr. Giovanna De Luca

Associate Professor of Italian

Address: JC Long 416
Phone: 843.953.5717
E-mail: delucag@cofc.edu

Dr. Giovanna De Luca is Associate Professor of Italian at the College of Charleston, South Carolina. She received her Ph.D. in Comparative Literature with Specialization in Italian and Certificate in Film Studies in 2002. Her research interests are Italian cinema, 20th- and 21st-century Italian literature, comparative literature, literary and film theory and cultural studies. Her articles have appeared in Filmcritica, Film Comment, Quaderni d’Italianistica, Forum Italicum, Italica, La Tribune International des Langues Vivantes, The Italianist and Journal of Italian Cinema and Media Studies. She is the author of the book Il punto di vista dell’ infanzia nel cinema italiano e francese: rivisioni, and currently she is writing a book on the cinematic representations of the Mafia whose tentative title is: Harsh Spectacle: The Mafia in Italian and American Cinema.

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City University of New York, Graduate Center, New York
M.A., Ph.D.


Recent Publications

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