Dr. Juliette Bourdier

Associate Professor of French

Address: JC Long 414
Phone: 843.953.6529
E-mail: bourdierjm@cofc.edu

Dr. Juliette Bourdier has been at the College of Charleston since 2014. Medieval anthropologist and infernologist, she specializes in medieval European literature, heritage, and culture with a particular interest in the perception and reception of Hell whether in terms of philosophical, political, or theological vision, the conceptualization of natural geography or human urbanism, gender studies, or sociological analysis, by emphasizing the fundamental connection between different philosophical, scientific, and socio-cultural contexts. Recently she has investigated testimonies of voyages in Hell, applying narratology techniques to examine literary matters or social engagement with cultural and intellectual traditions. Her current monograph project explores author subjectivity and auctorial claims through metalepsis and hybrid fiction.

Since June 2017, Dr. Bourdier is a Fellow Researcher at CNRS Institutes - The National Center for Scientific Research ACTE (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique), Fictions and Interactions, University Sorbonne Paris- 1, since July 2018. She is also a Research Collaborator at the CNRS High Studies Center for Medieval Civilization (Centre d'Etudes Superieures de Civilisation Medievale), University of Poitiers. 

In 2020, she has been named Chevalier dans l'Ordre des Palmes Académiques (Knight in the Order of the Academic Palms) by the government of France. This honorific distinction was given to Bourdier for her extensive efforts to promote French language and culture in the United States.

She was the recipient of the 2019 ExCEL Award for Outstanding Faculty Member in the School of Languages, Cultures and World Affairs for her commitment to creating a campus environment that promotes diversity, inclusion, and excellence.

In 2019-2020 with David Desplaces, professor of entrepreneurship and assistant director of the Global Business Resource Center College of Charleston professor Bourdier organized “Le Don du Livre” (or “the gift of the book”), an event aimed at distributing 2,000 French books to Charleston-area educators and students. The donation is part of the French navy’s mission to share French culture with the world through reading. The event was sponsored by the School of Languages, Cultures, and World Affairs; the Global Business Resource Center; the Department of French, Francophone and Italian Studies; and the Association des Membres de l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques (AMOPA).


Before returning to academia and embracing literature, Dr. Bourdier was in the field of computer science and managed her own software engineering company for 15 years working with major international corporations. An understanding of the import-export business between France and the US derives from many years of experience as a partner and export manager for a French wine export business. In 2016 she remains a partner in a consulting firm in Paris advising on marketing and communication.  Using her training and experience in business, she teaches courses in marketing and professional practices and is the program director for the College of Charleston’s Business Language Minor in French.


University of Colorado

Courses Taught

  • FREN 490: Special Topics in French Literature and Culture
  • FREN 475: Voices from Medieval and/or Renaissance
  • FREN 431: Middle Ages and Renaissance
  • FREN 383: Summer Internship in Paris
  • FREN 381: Professional Business Practices in French 
  • FREN 380: Marketing, Strategies & Comm in French Workplace
  • FREN 382: French for World Business II
  • FREN 381: French for World Business I
  • FREN 380: Le Concept De Marketing
  • FREN 321: A Survey of French Literature
  • FREN 314: French Composition and Conversation
  • FREN 101-202: French Through Culture

Independent Studies

  • FREN 498: Business Practices in France in Times of COVID
  • FREN 496: The French Political System through the Lens of the French Constitution
  • FREN 498: French Americans - Cultural Analysis, Invisible Differences
  • FREN 498: Understanding Media Through the Lens of Contemporary French Cinema
  • FREN 498: The French Political System Through the Lens of Radical Feminism
  • FREN 498: Sexuality in Medieval France Through the Lens of Infernal Punishment
  • HONS 399: The History of Medieval France Through the Lens of the University System


Recent Publications



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