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With French, Francophone and Italian Studies

We offer a variety of Study Abroad opportunities in France and Italy.

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Semester Study Abroad

La Rochelle, France  - Fall Semester
Directed by Dr. Attafi

A city of over 90,000, La Rochelle, known for it’s quality of life, enjoys a mild and pleasant climate. With ecology as a high priority, its Atlantic coast and beautiful islands have made the city the second most visited tourist area in France. Ancient architecture and ultramodern neighborhoods are harmoniously juxtaposed and cultural life and endless streams of students and visitors keep the city squares very animated and boisterous 24 hours a day. La Rochelle is a major seaport and center of proud Huguenot history and culture. Paris is three hours away by high speed train, and the city is in close proximity to other regional historic attractions such as Bordeaux, Cognac, and L’Ile de Ré.

Summer Study Abroad

Chiavari, Italy
Directed by Dr. Maggiari

Participants in this study abroad program will stay in Chiavari, a hospitable town where modern life blends with the original old characteristics typical of the Ligurian Riviera. Chiavari is situated near the Gulf of Tigullio, in a very green area rich in olive and pine trees. Students will take field trips all over Liguria, and the historically important seaport of Genova, where Columbus lived, Marco Polo was jailed, Garibaldi launched his attempt to unify Italy, and where the intellectual father of Italian nationalism, Giuseppe Mazzini, is buried.

Co-directed by Dr. Attafi and Dr. Parsons (Political Science Department)

This summer program will be a twenty-five day immersion in the history, culture, politics, languages and geography of this unique African country. The first portion of the program will take place in Tangier, where students will be housed in a hotel in the heart of the city. During this time, students will attend formal classes in the mornings, and in the afternoons and on weekends will include guided excursions of Tangier, its surrounding cities and landmarks (such as the Medina, Azila, and the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastal environments). The second part of the program will be a guided tour of the major imperial Moroccan cities (Volubilis, Meknes, Fez, Ouarzazate, Marrakesh, Casablanca, Rabat, etc) where students will discover the historical impact of each site. The program will also traverse the extremely diverse natural environment of Morocco, including its Alpine, Desert and mountainous terrains. The final portion of the program will be back in Tangier and will include a day trip to Tarifa in Andalusia, Spain to complete the student’s understanding of historical Morocco during the 700 years that the Moorish Empire ruled this part of Spain.
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Internship Study Abroad

Directed by Dr. Bourdier

This internship is a three credit course under the guidance of an on-site faculty member. It allows students to gain insight into the workings of professional work environments in a French work space. Students combine practical work experience with academic and analysis. They will have a supervisor in the host organization, but their learning experience depends very much on taking initiative and having a positive attitude. Students will need to display maturity, independence, and self-motivation. Students minoring or majoring in one of the French programs get the opportunity to gain valuable applied experience and connections in professional fields. This course is directly associated with FREN 381 "Professional Business Practices in French" during which students prepare for a successful practical experience.

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